Roof Replacement

Is your roof leaking?

Do your eyes catch that missing shingle every-time you pull into the driveway?

Do you ever wonder how much longer you’ll have to hold off on getting the new roof?

You’ve come to the right place! We’ve got the answers!

Our inspection team is brimming with expertise ready to help you with a free roof inspection & analysis of the current condition of your roof. We can inform you with pictures & forms ready to show the level of damage & condition of your roof. The team will also let you know your options regarding full replacement.

Are you concerned about how much this will hurt your pocket?

Most of our customers are just like us, concerned about the bottom line cost associated with the most important part of the home, their roof. The aim of any roofer should be to demonstrate the quality of product & workmanship in an effort to help their customers feel the safest possible with as low cost possible.

Did you know that most people actually pay very little for one of the most expensive parts of their home? In fact most of the damage that we find on a customers roof is related to storm damage. This means that if your roof needs replaced, your home owners insurance company is the one responsible to replace it. Your typical responsibility is your deductible.

Currently about 97% of all roof replacements are done through insurance.

This means major savings for you the home owner & less stress about your roofing situation.

The process with working with your insurance company is very simple, we are glad to meet with your adjuster, price the roof accordingly, provide all estimates & documentation & consult with your insurance company to the best of our ability, leaving the headache of dealing with them to us. As your contractor of choice, your insurance company will work with us to make sure that you’re being taken care of properly.

Of course, most people wonder if the insurance will pay the cost to get the roof done with quality in mind. This is where we come in, our crews are made up of some of the best in the industry. We won’t skip out on quality, or cut corners. We take pride in the quality that we provide, insurance or no insurance. You have your choice of product for the roof & of course have the option for any upgrades you would like on the roof as well. Anything you decide to change about your roof is a cost to you, however with the insurance paying for the majority of the roofing cost, it becomes much more affordable to buy that designer shingle!

Give us a call today if you have anymore questions on how our process works, or if you are looking for a free inspection!

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We are proud to say that we can provide the highest in quality service, product and workmanship to the Dayton area!

We specialize in roofing but are not limited to it as your option for a trusted local contractor. Should any need rise during one of our inspections, we aim to fulfill that need.

Give us a call today and we will have one of our quality inspectors do a free inspection of your home to inform you of possible damage or updates needed!

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